The Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA) Office of The Surgeon General Research and Acquisitions Directorate (SG5) has awarded a Project Management Support contract to Heartland Consulting. Heartland will assist AFMSA with the Advisory and Assistance Services for a variety of program management, research and development, acquisition life cycle, and management services. In support of SG5, Heartland will be monitoring and tracking capability gaps and participating in the scientific and technical reviews of medical modernization research initiatives. The contract award is $6.3M over three years.

Heartland’s Chief Executive Officer, John English, stated, “We are excited about providing support to yet another Air Force project and are looking forward to continuing the successful partnership that Heartland has already established throughout numerous Air Force commands. This project has a personal interest for me in continuing to support the health care needs of our nation’s warriors which is a continuation of my service with the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are looking forward to supporting the Air Force Surgeon General and the mission of SG5.”