Meet Ariel.

Meet Ariel Wright King, one of Heartland’s contracted task leads for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services where she supports Emergency Preparedness and Response Operations. Ariel has been a longstanding and exceptional employee for two and a half years. We asked Ariel to share her insights about working in the government contracting world and what sets Heartland apart as a provider of those services.   

Ariel’s interview is a part of Heartland’s new employee spotlight program. Our blog will feature insights from Heartland’s spectacular contractors as they give a glimpse into their daily lives and what makes working at Heartland unique, in their own words. 

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About Ariel

Hello, my name is Ariel Wright King. I am a task lead for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) contract supporting Emergency Preparedness and Response Operations (EPRO). I have been with Heartland for two and a half years.   

As task lead on the CMS EPRO contract, I work to ensure that CMS’s emergency preparedness and response capabilities are enhanced.     

Ariel’s Heartland Journey  

I found Heartland online. During my interview process, Tim (Newland) was so passionate about Heartland and the work environment they strive for. I was interested in Heartland because of their goal to create a better work environment for contractors and for contractors to be treated better in the Government contracting world. It feels like a close-knit community, and everyone is a team player. Everyone I have encountered at Heartland is very friendly.  

Life at Heartland  

Heartland supports me in many ways. I feel comfortable to reach out when I have questions or need help. We have access to therapy. They understand that mental health is important and have given us the resources to improve it. 

My favorite part of being a Heartland employee is that I have the flexibility to work from home. I have met so many amazing people from Heartland. I also feel like I am making a difference where I work. 

My first year on the CMS contract during the month of October we picked a theme and dressed up for our weekly sync meetings. The CMS team all got together and dressed up like Tim. We all had his background, and we wore headphones and a hat. It was hilarious and very fun! 

Advice for Prospective Employees 

The advice I would give to new recruits is to be a team player. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand something, get with your team lead. Be flexible and open to jump in and help out.