Meet Cheryl.

Meet Cheryl Sweet, one of Heartland’s contracted Program Managers and Accounting Clerk II. Cheryl has done outstanding work for the General Services Administration during her contract that has gotten her high praise as the team lead of eight assistants for the accounts receivable team.

Cheryl is our first feature in Heartland’s new employee spotlight series. Our blog will feature insights from Heartland’s spectacular contractors as they give a glimpse into their daily lives and what makes working at Heartland unique, in their own words.

About Cheryl

My name is Cheryl Sweet. I am a Program Manager/Accounting Clerk II for Heartland Consulting.

Prior to working for Heartland, I was a Multi-Line Insurance Agent for 19 years.  While I loved the insurance business, the company was sold, the culture changed, and at that point I was ready for something new. In September of 2019,  I began working for another company as an Assistant Program Manager on the same contract with GSA. Their contract ended, and Heartland was awarded the contract in September of 2020. I received a phone call from John and Tim asking me to take over the Program Manager position for the contract and I enthusiastically accepted.

Cheryl’s Work at the GSA

Our accounts receivable team of 8 assists the General Services Administration by collecting money for fleet, supply, auto purchase and telecommunications from their customers, which mainly consist of Federal and Non-Federal Government entities. We also have two team members that work on the accounts payable side downloading IPAC’s, posting check cancellations, making check deposits and so much more.

On a daily basis I assist our team with questions regarding policies and procedures as well as email ,make phone calls, update spreadsheets and process offsets for my own customers.

Why Heartland?

I have been with Heartland for 3 years now and I love working here! John, Tim, Ann Marie, and Paul have been wonderful to work with and they have supported us by attending monthly meetings, creating a platform for reporting our metrics and they have come to Kansas City to meet with our team face to face. They took us out to some very nice dinners to chat with us and get to know us and also allowed our team to interact with one another now that we are working from home full-time. It’s nice to know that they have our back. They are very hands on, and our entire team has mentioned how much they appreciate that.