Meet Matt.

Meet Matt Van Halanger, one of Heartland’s contracted Sr. Analysts for the Army, Operational Support Services Contract. Matt hit the ground running when he joined Team Heartland last year. We asked Matt to share his insights about working in the government contracting world and what sets Heartland apart as a provider of those services.    

Matt’s interview is a part of Heartland’s new employee spotlight program. Our blog will feature insights from Heartland’s spectacular contractors as they give a glimpse into their daily lives and what makes working at Heartland unique, in their own words

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About Matt

My name is Matt Van Halanger. I have been working for Heartland Consulting as a Senior Analyst for 9 months. My days start with a sync meeting with either the government or the Heartland team. Then, with a few cups of coffee, coordination meetings between Army organizations on specific tasks to support the Army’s campaign plan. The time in-between is filled with tasks to improve the division’s efficiency.  

Matt’s Heartland Journey 

Luckily, I was introduced to Heartland by my girlfriend at one of the company’s outings, and I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the company’s leadership. I was drawn to Heartland from interactions I had with John and Tim and seeing, firsthand, how they interacted with their employees. The Team first atmosphere and wellness of the leadership to get to know their employees stood out to me. I decided to come onboard with Heartland because it was the best step, for me, in the next phase of my career.   

Life at Heartland 

Heartland has provided me with everything I need for success and most importantly the people on the Heartland Army OSS Contract Team have shared their time and knowledge to help me settle in and excel in my position. My favorite part about being a Heartland employee is the team atmosphere. I was surprised by the approachableness of the company’s leadership. 

Advice for Prospective Employees 

My experience with Heartland is similar but different from others. I have transitioned from the military side of being a staff officer to a support analyst to the staff officers. The job is different from my earlier jobs as a young Surface Warfare Officer, and it is nice not having to wake up early and walk onto a ship for work.  My advice for new Heartland employees is to be flexible and always keep a positive attitude.