Meet Tajma.

Meet Tajma Clyde, one of Heartland’s contracted Budget Analysts for the National Guard Bureau, Program Analysis Support Services Contract. Tajma has made a huge impact in the Heartland community in the six plus months she has been with the company. We asked Tajma to share her insights about working in the government contracting world and what sets Heartland apart as a provider of those services.   

Tajma’s interview is a part of Heartland’s new employee spotlight program. Our blog will feature insights from Heartland’s spectacular contractors as they give a glimpse into their daily lives and what makes working at Heartland unique, in their own words. 

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About Tajma

My name is Tajma Clyde and I’ve been working at Heartland for six months. I’m currently a Budget Analyst at the National Guard Bureau (NGB) working alongside the Joint Surgeon General (JSG).

In my role my main objective is to ensure funds are appropriately allocated and to find ways of process improvement for the cycle of requesting and distributing funds.

Tajma’s Heartland Journey  

I initially applied for another position with Heartland via Indeed. Gabby (Human Resource Manager) contacted me almost immediately to interview me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on that specific contract due to some technicalities and was told she’d reach out to me if something else came up. Something almost anyone has heard while in a job search, but Gabby actually kept me in mind. A few weeks later she contacted me with something that aligned with my career goals. With that being said, Heartland is a company that truly cares about not only their employees but their prospects.  

Life at Heartland  

In my short six months at Heartland, I was given the opportunity to work on an additional contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). With that contract I took a trip to Wyoming with other Heartland employees to do a process of improvement with their various sectors. I gave my professional input on their Financial Systems and their areas of opportunity. 

Advice for Prospective Employees 

If you are looking for a company where you’re seen, considered, and vouched for please do not hesitate to apply at Heartland. As a young professional I’ve been undermined and not valued. Heartland sees you for exactly what you bring to the table and gives you opportunities to shape yourself into an even better professional.