WASHINGTON D.C. – Heartland Consulting has been awarded a $4.5M contract to support the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA), Rural Development (RD) to provide Decoupling Rental Assistance Listening Sessions for the Multifamily Housing (MFH) programs. Decoupling is an important tool to preserve the affordability of the Section 515 portfolio. Heartland will provide the USDA RD with Project Management and Stakeholder Listening Sessions support, to provide data to RD in their report to the U.S. Congress for MFH in rural America. This report will then guide Congress in making vital legislative decisions in leading the way for the future of the USDA, RD program. During the 5-year ordering period, Heartland will provide continued Program Management Support Services to the USDA which will include but is not limited to strategic and organizational planning, implementation, evaluation support, business process improvement, and related strategic support services. 

Heartland is proud to assist with providing RD crucial data and information to assist them with developing important legislation for the future of America’s rural housing program. Heartland has a longstanding commitment to the mission of the USDA and RD. Heartland’s CEO, John English, is in fact from rural areas of Oklahoma and his father, former U.S. Congressman, Glenn English, served as Chair of the Rural Development subcommittee under the U.S. House Agriculture Committee while serving his 20-year tenure in congress.  Glenn English then went on to become CEO of National Rural Electric Association (NRECA) where he devoted 19 years to bringing affordable and reliable electricity to rural America. Serving rural America is one that is personal to CEO, John English and he is grateful to be trusted as a partner in the USDA mission.  

John English, CEO of Heartland Consulting states, “It is an honor for our team to serve the USDA and assist their objectives and goals to make a difference by improving the nation’s well-being. Engaging in a program that directly serves the people of rural America correlates with our foundation and core beliefs. Rural America is in our roots, and we take pride in supporting the USDA Rural Development’s mission.”